Prepare your files for pre-printing

Do you need help to create a correct prepress document?

The most important thing is to work in real size, it is advisable that when starting a design, first we know what size is the sheet in front of us. Make sure you have a good resolution to print. 150 dpi in digital is the minimum, although 300 dpi is ideal.

The design must have a 3 mm bleed on each side, which is an outer margin that you must leave on the edges of your designs to avoid having a white margin when cutting or directly eating part of the design that you want to be shown.

The final file has to be in CMYK, so you will also see a better approximation of what the colors will look like. Finally, send the file in PDF, which is the ideal format for printing.

You can consult our tutorials for the correct preparation of the files, as well as several templates to help you create your designs for pre-press: