Verdi9 PrintShop

By phone from Monday to Friday from 9:30h. to 17h.

At Verdi9 PrintShop:
Monday to Friday: 9.30h a 21h.
Saturday: 10h to 14h and 16h to 20h.
Sunday: 16h to 20h.

At TeeTee:
Monday to Friday: 11h to 14h and 17h to 20h.
Saturday: 12h to 15h and 17h to 20h.

To place an order, it can be done in person or directly by sending an email to indicating all the details of the item you need.

When exporting a document in .PDF for printing, you must take into account the following characteristics:

  • The size of the document must be real size. 1:1 scale.
  • The color space will be in CMYK.
  • 3mm document bleed on each side.
  • We recommend leaving at least 5mm. margin of safety around the page. In bookbinding, leave 12 mm inside margins.
  • The optimal resolution is 300 dpi. The further this detrimental resolution is moved away, the poorer the quality of the print.
  • If you use transparencies, make sure they are in CMYK space. Never on special inks.
  • Do not use images with a .PNG or .BMP extension. These types of formats are for web publications.
  • All pages should be the same size and orientation.
  • The PDF must be provided to us without a password.

It is an outer margin that you must leave on the edges of your designs to avoid that when cutting there is not a white margin or directly part of the design that you want to be displayed is eaten.

You can bring the material.
If what you want to print, the maximum size is 32 x 45 cm, the material has to be for laser printing. But if the printing is bigger, with a maximum of 1 meter wide for the entire length you need, it has to be for inject printing.

The standard sizes are A5, A4, A3, A2, A1 and A0. You can also print all the length you need with a maximum of 1 meter wide.

We can make your custom design! Tell us all the necessary information, if you have any idea you can send us an example.

TeeTee (Textile print)

We have printing services in DTG (direct to garment printing), Screen Printing, Sublimation, Vinyl and Embroidery.
  • If it is a multicolored photography or design → DTG: direct printing
  • If you have only 1 color (names, numbers, etc.) → 1 color vinyl
  • If you want to print many t-shirts and the image contains between 1 to 8 colors → Serigraph
  • If you want to print on a 100% polyester t-shirt (typical for sports) → Sublimation

For a good result in direct printing, the quality of the file must be at least 300 dpi or large.
The proper format is PDF, PSD, AI, PNG, or JPG.

If the PSD or AI contains text, you need to send us the font in TTF file.
Remember to check and check the edges of the images and, when removing the background using Photoshop tools, uncheck the “anti-aliasing” box.

When stamping on a garment, it must be taken into account that the colors and qualities may vary depending on various reasons. Although we always use the highest quality materials in vinyl, screen printing, embroidery, sublimation and direct printing, keep in mind that the colors can also suffer slight variations depending on the base fabric or the type of printing.

You should also bear in mind that the design when viewing it from one monitor to another looks different depending on the color, brightness and contrast settings. The color reproduced on a screen will always have differences from the color reproduced in ink.

The order will begin to be processed once we have received payment for the products. If all the products ordered are in stock, the shipment will be made between 1 and 2 business days after receiving the payment of the order, depending on the volume of work or complexity of the order.

The type of shipping will depend on the one you have chosen when placing the order. If you choose urgent transport, its delivery will be made within 24 hours from when the carrier picks up the package in our store. Once the package has been picked up by the carrier, we will send you an email to let you know that it is on its way.

If your product is a product personalized by you, with your design, unfortunately we will not be able to make a return. Make sure you choose your size and contact us before ordering to clarify all your doubts.

If it is a product that is NOT personalized then you can request a return within the first 15 days from when you receive the order.

This brand is due to a product that is applied to garments with direct printing in the production process and to the iron through which the garments pass, but in the first wash the brand disappears.

We suggest that you wash the shirt with cold water and inside out, and the mark will disappear. If even so after washing the shirt the brand is still there, send us a photo and we will proceed to change it at no cost.

  • Wash the shirt turned over, with the inside out.
  • Wash with cold water. In any case, it is not recommended above 30ºC.
  • Do not use bleach.
  • Important: DO NOT tumble dry after washing.
  • Do not iron on top of the print. Iron the garment inside out.

Once the order is ready.

  • You can come to pick it up from Monday to Friday from 11h to 14h and 17h to 20h or Saturday from 12h to 15h and 17h to 20h.
  • In the event that you want to come later than 20h, you will have to notify in advance to pick it up at Verdi9 PrintShop.
  • There is also the option of shipping that will be delivered in 24 hours after the carrier picks up the package in our store.
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