Printing UVI Ink

At Verdi9 we are able to offer high quality UVI ink to make effects with Varnish or white ink and photographic details, textures, effects and relief finishes on any material or object, rigid or flexible, up to 20 cm high.

It has a high volume production capacity, and is a perfect type of printing for creating striking labels and displays, designing packaging, branding products, decorating interiors, customizing accessories and much more.

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Print on any surface up to 70 x 150 cm and with a maximum height of 20 cm.


You’ll get stunning, full-color, durable prints for indoor and outdoor use.

Varnish and effects

Add shiny touches with the varnish or gain depth of colour on dark surfaces with the white.

Multiple materials

High quality printing on any material, including plastic, metal, glass, wood …

Materials for UVI printing

Printing with UVI ink Methacrylate


Printing with UVI ink Wood


printing with ink to uvi carton


printing with uvi ink white ink boxes


Fur and leather

Special inks

Some special inks can be applied as UVI varnish reserve and white ink. The UVI varnish can be chosen between matte or glossy and its application mode: offset or serigraphy printing.

Digital printing with white, fluorescent, pink, yellow and ultraviolet ink is applied on colored creative papers, preferably in dark tones to generate greater visual impact. Great attention on dark, metallic, synthetic and transparent supports.

How to prepare the file?

To differentiate the UVI reserve from the rest of the design, we will have to separate the elements that will go with the UVI in an independent layer and color them in a different color. We explain the creation of the final art in Illustrator where we will apply the UVI reserve.

We duplicate the artboard where we have the final design.

We create a new layer called “UVI”.

We select the elements where the UVI will go, we turn it into black and we pass them to the layer that we have created from UVI.

We eliminate the rest of the design leaving only the UVI reserve.

You have doubts?

Contact us to solve any doubt or if you want to know more about the possibilities offered by UVI printing.

    Aceptamos los formatos: JPG, JPEG, PNG , PDF y ZIP.