Totally personalized single or double-sided bookmarks. Create your bookmarks to capture the attention of readers either with the image of your company or with a personal event. If you are interested in printing large quantities we make packs of at least 100 units. From 14,95€.

The standard measurements are 6 x 22 cm.

This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.


Advantages of digital printing

  • Short to medium runs: As there are no plates or film, it allows you to print quickly and efficiently from a few copies of your flyer, book or catalogue, up to 500 or 800 units.
  • Speed: printing in digital is the fastest way to produce promotional material such as flyers, business cards, catalogues or books.
  • It’s very versatile: Is a technology suitable for full color or black and white catalogues, books, photography, leaflets, brochures…
  • Variety of supports: You can print on paper but also on other materials such as adhesive paper, top-weight paper, special papers, polyester…
  • Special inks: Some special inks can be applied as UVI varnish reserve and white ink.