Print vinyl

They are moisture-resistant labels and long runs can be produced in a short time. They resist in high or low temperature conditions, so they are suitable for labelling industrial machinery or pharmaceutical products. They are printed in such a way that they fit perfectly into the shape. Are waterproof and can withstand high and low temperatures, making them the perfect solution for different applications. Where traditional labeling options have problems with environmental factors such as moisture or contaminants, vinyl labels stand up to the elements without any problem.

With printed vinyl the maximum size is 150 cm wide by 400 cm.

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  • Matt vinyl stickers are the way to go to add a modern touch to your design. They are a great finishing touch for products or gifts, and since you can write on them, the level of customization never ends!
  • Glossy vinyl stickers are more durable than matte ones because they have a gloss layer that makes them somewhat thicker and more resistant. They are ideal for outdoor use or for products that can get wet, for example, cosmetic products, industrial products, pharmaceutical product labels, or kitchen products.
  • Transparent stickers are an option for minimalist designs. They are soft and can even be printed in white ink for a unique and eye-catching label. Also, being transparent, it lets you see the product through.